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  • 122019-07
    12v dc mini blower fan 50mm small exhaust fan

    Shenzhen Tengkai Special Machinery and Electricity Specialized in the production of 50mm micro blowers, the main dimensions are 50x50x10mm, 50x50x15mm, 50x50x20mm, 50x50x25mm. That is 5010 blower, 5015 blower, 5020 blower, 5025 blower, they all have moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof, PWM, FG, locking function, for …

  • 052019-07
    Low voltage fan,low watt fan,low pressure fan,Manufacturer in Shenzhen, China

    Generally speaking, low-voltage fans are low voltage, low power, low pressure fans, mainly 3.3v, 5v, 6v, 12V and other types of voltage, of course, there are other types of voltage, mainly depending on the needs of customers, the companys production fans can be customized according to customer needs, support small units, an…

  • 022019-07
    140x140x25mm axial cooling fan 140mm fan 14025 dc brushless fan

    14025 dc fan,cooling fan 140mm,fan 140mm The company is a factory direct sales, in addition to the production of 14025 DC fans, we also produce 14038 cooling fans and so on, with the advantages of large air volume, high speed, mainly used in large equipment, computers, chassis and other equipment heat dissipation . For furt…

  • 272019-06
    120x25mm centrifugal exhaust fan 120mm 12025 dc centrifugal fan

    12025 centrifugal fan is the latest product of our company. The company mainly deals with DC fan, AC fan, centrifugal fan, 12025 circular DC centrifugal fan, which has large air volume, low noise, high efficiency and good cooling effect. It is mainly used in air purifier and other equipment. Size: 120x25mm Model: CA12025HH4…

  • 152019-06
    110v 220mm 20070 ac cooling fan 220x220x70mm 600cfm exhaust fan

    600cfm exhaust fan,220v cooling fan,110v ac fan,20070 ac cooling fan Size:220x220x70mm Voltage:110v 220v Current:0.62a 0.31a Power:66.7w Speed:280rpm Airflow:611.08cfm Features: High power, moisture-proof and waterproof, high air volume, fast speed, good heat dissipation effect. Applications: Construction Industry, Industria…

  • 062019-06
    AC cooling fans of various sizes in Tengkai, Shenzhen

    Shenzhen Tengkai specializes in producing AC fans of various sizes, such as 6030, 8025, 8038, 9225, 12025, 12038, 17251, 20060, 22060, 25489 and so on. axial fan 220v,220v cooling fan,air cooling fan 220 volt,220 volt exhaust fan,There are 110 V 120 V 220 V 230V 240V 380V and other voltages to choose from. Fans have …

  • 032019-06
    35x35x7mm 35mm fan 3507 dc axial flow fan

    The company specializes in the production of 3507 DC cooling fan, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, high speed, large volume, low noise, good cooling effect, etc. The fan thickness is 7mm, and can also achieve 6mm, mainly depending on customer needs, can be customized to support small single volume, in a…

  • 132019-05
    BFB0505LA BFB0512MA 5v 12v 50mm 50x50x10mm 5010 mini blower fan

    BFB0505LA BFB0512MA 5v 12v 50mm 50x50x10mm 5010 mini blower fan dc blower 50mm. Brand:Delta Voltage:5v 12v Current:0.04a-0.26a Power:0.25-1.92w Speed:3500-6500rpm Airflow:1.87-1.92cfm Related models: BFB0505MA,BFB0505HA,BFB0505HHA,BFB0512LA,BFB0512HA,BFB0512HHA. Contact:0755-23126453 …

  • 292019-04
    Ac axial fan 110v 220v 380v cooling fan China cheap price

    Ac Axial Fan 220v 380v Cooling Fan,Cooling Fan,Ac Axial Fan Examples of individual products: We constantly think and practice to adapt to changes in the environment, and continue to grow. Our purpose is to achieve more abundant products and to promote the low-cost exchange axial flow 220V 380V cooling fan in China. Winnin…

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