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8025 80mm waterproof cooling fan,8032 80mm bathroom exhaust fan

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The company has six types of 80mm cooling fans, namely 8010 fan, 8015 fan, 8020 fan, 8025 fan, 8032 fan, 8038 fan, are DC fans, can also be used as AC fans, depending on customer needs, can be customized according to customer needs. Among them, 8025 DC fans have five types, 7 blades, 9 blades. 8038 DC fans have two different types, and will not be listed one by one below. Out, you can contact us directly if you need.
80x80x10mm fan

80x80x15mm fan

80x80x20mm fan

80x80x25mm fan

80x80x32mm fan

80x80x38mm fan

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