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  • 252019-02
    Circular cooling fan

    The company produces circular frame fans, such as 3010, 3510, 9225, 17225, 17251, 17238, 20060, 25489 and other sizes, and can customize circular fans of different sizes according to customer needs. Details can be contacted with (86) 0755-23126453.     Click

  • 222019-02
    Low noise fan,silent fan

    The company produces various sizes of low noise, silent cooling fans, blowers, 7 years of technical experience in the production of fans, excellent R&D team, reliable, welcome your consultation.
    Contact information: 0755-23126453

  • 212019-02
    High pressure fan,high pressure blower

    Production of various high-pressure fans, such as 14038 fans, 14040 fans, 9238 fans, welcome to consult us-TKFAN shenzhen

  • 202019-02
    Metal cooling fan

    The company is committed to the production of metal cooling fans, that is, the frame and the fan blades are metal. And semi-metal cooling fans, that is, the frame is metal, the fan blades are plastic. Details can be contacted with us - Tengkai Shenzhen.

  • 202019-02
    AFB0824SH 8025 fan

    8025 brushless fan,8cm fan,3 inch cooling fan,24v  4000rpm  46.62cfm  

  • 202019-02
    AFB0812SH 8025 fan

    50 cfm exhaust fan,outdoor exhaust fan,dc cooling fan 80x80x25mm,12v  4000rpm  46.62cfm   

  • 202019-02
    AFB0824VH 8025 dc fan

    Delta dc fan,mini axial fan,brushless dc fan 12v,24v  3600rpm  42.02cfm 

  • 202019-02
    AFB0812VH 8025 dc fan

    AFB0812SH  delta dc brushless fan,80mm axial fan,small cooling fan,12v  3600rpm  42.02cfm

  • 202019-02
    AFB0848HH 8025 cooling fan

    AFB0848HH  axial fan 80x80x25mm,computer fan 12v,12 volt squirrel cage fan,48v  37.43cfm