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  • 022019-04
    120x120x25mm fan 120mm cooling fan 12025 dc fan

    The company's latest 12025 fan

  • 012019-04
    AFB0512LB AFB0512MB AFB0512HB AFB0512HHB 5015 dc fan

    AFB0512LB AFB0512MB AFB0512HB AFB0512HHB Delta dc fan Voltage:12v Current:0.06-0.13a Power:0.72-1.56w Speed:4000-6400rpm Airflow:8.89-16.24cfm (0086)0755-23125453 …

  • 292019-03
    AFB0505LB AFB0505MB AFB0505HB

    AFB0505LB AFB0505MB AFB0505HB Advantage:Fast speed, large air volume, low noise, high efficiency and good heat dissipation effect. Application:Cooling of notebook computers, household appliances, automotive equipment, precision instruments, etc. Voltage:5v Current:0.15a Power:0.75w Speed:4000rpm Airflow:9.89cfm…

  • 272019-03
    50mm blower fan,5010 dc blower

    The companys latest products, manufacturer direct sales, reasonable prices. 5010 semi-circular blower, squirrel cage blower. Product Specification: Size: 50x50x10mm Voltage: 5-12v Current: 0.02-0.37a Power: 0.24-1.92w Speed: 2500-5000rpm Air volume: 1.34-8.64 CFM Contact:Bruce@tenkai-group 0755-23126453 …

  • 262019-03
    AFB0405LA AFB0405MA AFB0405HA AFB0405HHA AFB0405VHA

    40mm fan,4010 5v fan,4010 cooling fan,dc fan 40x40x10 24v. Voltage:5v Current:0.03-0.11a Power:0.15-0.55w Speed:4000-8000rpm Airflow:4.39-9.5cfm Contact: Bruce Liu (0086)0755-23126453 Detail Click …

  • 262019-03
    AB4512LB-GD0 AB4512MB-GD0 AB4512HB-GD0 12V dc blower fan

    45x10mm dc blower,12v dc mini blower fan,12 vlot blower fan motor
    Airflow:1.79-2.7cfm   0755-23126453

  • 222019-03
    AB4505LB-GD1 AB4505MB-GD1 45mm fan 4510 mini blower

    ADDA FAN,micro blower fan,45x45x10mm blower fan,4510 dc blower,45mm blower Voltage:5v Speed:4000-5800rpm Airflow:1.79-2.7 Model:AB4512LB-GD0 AB4512MB-GD0 AB4512HB-GD0 Contact:(86)0755-23126453 …

  • 212019-03
    AFB03505LA AFB03505MA AFB03505HA AFB03512MA AFB03512HA

    35x35x10mm dc cooling fan,35mm fan,3510 micro cooling fan Voltage:5/12v Current:0.05-0.14a Power:0.3-1.08w Speed:4500-7000rpm Airflow:3.36-5.5cfm …

  • 202019-03
    AFB0912EHE AFB0912UHE AFB0912GHE 9238 dc fan

    Delta fan,dc fan 9238,92x92x38mm exhaust fan,92mm silent fan,9238 cooling fan High cfm 12v dc fan Voltage:12v Current:1.4-2.5a Power:16.8-30w Speed:4800-6000rpm Airflow:127.31-160.22cfm Contact: (86)0755-23126453 …