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  • 182018-04
    Sanyo 9CRE0412P5J03

    Sanyo 9CRE0412P5J03  12V  Detail Click

  • 172018-04
    Fan cold knowledge

    In summer, the sales volume of fan products is increasing. No matter how many kinds of fans are available, of course, it is good to buy good quality and cheap products. In the process of buying a fan, I dont know if anyone pays attention to the number of blades of the fan. If you notice it, you will find that the number of …

  • 162018-04
    Delta QFR1224GHE fan

    Delta QFR1224GHE fan  24v  maximum air  flow 5.957m³ /min  6000rpm  210.38cfm  120×120×38mm   Detail Click

  • 122018-04
    SANYO 9BMC12P2G001

    Sanyo Denki  12V  97×33mm 9BMC12P2G001  Detail Click

  • 112018-04
    The computer can not drive the machine?

    Computer can not drive the machine, I have a deep experience, that is, after the computer plug in the power supply, press the main power key of the host, the computer does not respond to a little, the fan has not turned, and then I put the computer host at the same time in the computer key, suddenly the computer started to …

  • 092018-04
    U97hl series

    U97 series contains only one product, namely 24V U97HL-024KM-4.

  • 082018-04
    How does the computer choose the fan to heat the heat well?

    When we generally think of the choice of a fan for the computer, we would like to give the computer a large fan, that is, the large fan, because the large fan speed is large, so it is good for the computer to heat the heat. So is it a good heat dissipation effect? In theory, it is not true, although the fan speed can quickly…

  • 052018-04
    U97DR series

    The U97DR series includes two kinds of products, namely 12V U97DR-012KK-4 24V U97DR-024KK-4.

  • 032018-04
    U97EQ series

    It contains two kinds of products, 12V U97EQ-012KK-4   24V U97EQ-024KK-4.