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  • 312017-10
    20x20x10mm 2010 micro dc fan

    20x20x10mm 2010 micro dc fan,DC 1.8V~12V,sleeve bearing,ROHS,detailed information

  • 302017-10
    80x80x32mm 80x80x38mm dc fan

    80x80x32mm 80x80x38mm dc fan,5V,12V,24V brushless,DA8032,DA8038

  • 272017-10
    50x50x20mm dc brushless blower

    50x50x20mm dc brushless blower,5V,12V,24V,Two ball bearing.

  • 182017-10
    120x120x38mm AC FAN AA12038H02B

    120x120x38mm AC fan,Model: AA12038H02B,Voltage: VAC 220V Current: 0.13 Amp,Speed: 2600rpm/min. If you need detailed datasheet, please contact with us directly: …

  • 172017-10
    SUNON 30x30x10mm dc blower B0503PFB

    30x30x10mm,DC 5V~12V,sleeve bearing,two ball bearing,
    Detailed Spec. link,
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  • 062017-10
    ADDA 30x30x10mm dc blower

    Detailed spec.,AB0305MB,AB0305MB-GA,AB0305MB-GA0,AB0312MB,AB0312MB-GA,AB0312MB-GA0,AB0312HB,AB0312HB-GA,AB0312HB-GA0

  • 302017-09
    ADDA 35x35x10mm blower


  • 212017-09
    National Day holiday plan

    Dear All
       Because of chinese national day,our company will close from Oct.1~Oct.4,ofcourse you can contact with us by email still.maybe we cann't give you reply in time.please notice.

  • 152017-09
    Delta fan QFR1248GHE 120x120x38

    High powerful 120x120x38mm dc brushless QFR1248GHE,Bearing Type: ball bearing,Impellerframe Material: Plastic(UL94V-0),Lead wires: UL 1430 AWG#22 OR Equivalent,Red Wire Positive(+),Black Wire Negative(-),Weight: 330g(11.64 oz),Model No.: QFR1248GHE,If you want to purchase this blower,or other instead blower,please contact w…