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  • 092018-04
    U97hl series

    U97 series contains only one product, namely 24V U97HL-024KM-4.

  • 082018-04
    How does the computer choose the fan to heat the heat well?

    When we generally think of the choice of a fan for the computer, we would like to give the computer a large fan, that is, the large fan, because the large fan speed is large, so it is good for the computer to heat the heat. So is it a good heat dissipation effect? In theory, it is not true, although the fan speed can quickly…

  • 052018-04
    U97DR series

    The U97DR series includes two kinds of products, namely 12V U97DR-012KK-4 24V U97DR-024KK-4.

  • 032018-04
    U97EQ series

    It contains two kinds of products, 12V U97EQ-012KK-4   24V U97EQ-024KK-4.

  • 022018-04
    Is the fan with large fan blade large?

    Fan blade large fan exhaust volume is wrong, because fan exhaust volume is a comprehensive indicator. It is the most direct factor in measuring the performance of a fan. Its size is not only related to the size of the fan leaves, but also related to the design form of the blade, the thickness of the fan and the angle of the …

  • 012018-04
    U97EM series

    U97EM It includes two kinds of products, namely U97EM-012KK-3 12V radial fan, U97EM-024KK-3 24V radial fan.5v U97LM-005KK-1

  • 292018-03
    The“fan disease” in the summer

    Due to the hot weather of summer temperature is relatively high, people tend to covet cool, often blowing straight body in front of the fan, this has led some people sneezing, runny nose, headache, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite and a series of symptoms, this disease is called fan. The prevention of this dis…

  • 282018-03
    50×50×20mm dc fan

    Model: BA5020H12B  voltage:12V   speed :5500rpm   maximum air volume :3.6cfm
    Detail Click

  • 272018-03
    How to choose a good DC fan

    There are many kinds of dc fans in the market now,it is dazzling,so how to chosse a good dc fan?Here is my suggestion. The first is:from the appearance selection,we should choose the whole looks more thick,the color is more pure,there is no edge on the edge of the box leaf,next is the thickness of the fan leaf,the thin is ea…