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  • 262018-03
    Hot pin 35x35x10mm small fan

    Model: BA3510H05B  high speed DC brushless blower    details please click

  • 262018-03
    Application of fan

    Household appliances:air purifier, warm air fan, sound box, projector, player, set-top box, new wind system and so on. These appliances are often used in our life, and are also operated by electric energy, so it is easy to generate heat, which requires cooling fans to help dissipate heat. Refrigerators: refrigerators, water…

  • 232018-03
    97×97×33mm DC Brushless fan

    97×97×33mm  BA9733  high power fan   Detail click

  • 212018-03
    98mm Micronel Radial Blower U97

    U97LM-005KK-1 U97EM-012KK-3 U97EM-024KK-3 U97EQ-012KK-4 U97EQ-024KK-4 U97DR-012KK-4 U97DR-024KK-4 U97HL-024KM-4 …

  • 192018-03
    Computer CPU fan sound

    Reasons: 1, the use of long time, the fan coil aging, oil shortage. 2. Due to improper use, the middle axis is flexed by impact or vibration. 3, excessive fan dust or fixed screw loosening leads to position offset. 4. The supply problem of power supply. Solutions: 1. Dust removal In general, the newly bought fans are always …

  • 162018-03
    Classification of heat dissipating fans

    Axial flow fan The blade of an axial fan drives the air to flow in the same direction as the axis. Features: high flow rate, medium wind pressure. Centrifugal fan When the centrifugal fan works, the blade pushes the air in the direction perpendicular to the axis (radial), and the air intake is along the axis, and the outlet …

  • 152018-03
    The working principle of the heat dissipating fan

    It is realized by energy conversion, that is, electric energy, electromagnetic energy, mechanical energy and kinetic energy. Its circuit principle is generally divided into various forms, the use of different circuits, the performance of the fan will be different. The technology and performance of the cooling fan have fully …

  • 142018-03
    Which is good for air conditioners and fans

    In hot summer, everyone will have to help you beat the heat by every kind of product, the body to achieve the most comfortable state, such as air conditioning and electric fan is currently one of the most commonly used some of the same type as cooling appliances, electrical appliances, they are in the opposite of the compet…

  • 132018-03
    The difference between the DC fan and the AC fan

    The working principle of the DC fan:The working principle of the DC fan is to transform the electric energy into machinery through the DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, so as to drive the wind blade to rotate, and rely on the continuous switching of the coil and IC, and the induction magnetic ring drives the wind bl…