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  • 132017-09
    DBM3010M12S 30mm 12v round fan

    Model: DBM3010M12S,Voltage: VDC 12V,Current: 0.17 Amp,Speed: 8500rpm/min.Type: DC FAN,If you need detailed datasheet,please contact with us directly: Come back to home page …

  • 132017-09
    92mm IP68 waterproof fan DDW9225HH12B

    Model: DDW9225HH12B,Voltage: VDC 12V,Current: 1.1 Amp,Speed: 5000rpm/min.If you need detailed datasheet,please contact with us directly: Picture of DDW9225HH12B …

  • 052017-09
    Delta 40x40x10mm dc blower BFB04

    BFB0405LA,BFB0412LA,BFB0405MA,BFB0412MA,BFB0405HA,BFB0412HA,BFB0405HHA,BFB0412HHA,Bearing Type: ball bearing,Impellerframe Material: Plastic(UL94V-0),Lead wires: UL 1571 AWG#28 OR Equivalent,Red Wire Positive(+),Black Wire Negative(-),Weight: 12g,If you want to purchase this blower,or other instead blower,please contact wit…

  • 052017-09
    35x35x10mm dc blower BA3510HH05S

    Model: BA3510HH05S,Voltage: VDC 5V,Current: 0.17 Amp,Speed: 9000rpm/min.Type: DC Blower,If you need detailed datasheet,please contact with us directly:,or click here C ome back to home page …

  • 042017-09
    GB0535AFV1-8 35x35x10mm dc brushless blower

    GB0535AFV1-8 OEM Sunon Apple iBook G3 CPU Cooling Fan 5V 0.8W,Brand: SUNON,Manufacture: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co.Size: 35x35x10mm,Voltage:DC5V,Power input:0.8W ,connector:3PIN,Life time: 100,000 hours,Noise:40DBA,Speed:420010%RPM,Outlet:24.8*9.8MM,Inlet:25.8 Our 35x35x10mm small dc brushless bl…

  • 312017-08
    40x40x10mm small dc brushless blower

    40x40x10mm square.voltage:3~12V,speed: 5000~10000rpm,sleeve bearing or two ball bearing.Detailed information,please click "BA4010".

  • 312017-08
    Delta 35x35x10mm blower BFB035

    35x35x10mm dc brushless blower BFB035 made by Delta,BFB03505LA,BFB03512LA,BFB03505MA,BFB03512MA,BFB03505HA,BFB03512HA,BFB03505HHA,BFB03512HHA

  • 312017-08
    Perfect substitution 3510 blower of delta

    Perfect substitution 3510 blower of delta,BFB03505LA,BFB03512LA,BFB03505MA,BFB03512MA,BFB03505HA,BFB03512HA,BFB03505HHA,BFB03512HHA
    Detaled spec. of TKFAN "BA3510"

  • 302017-08
    perfect substitution 3010 blower of delta

    Perfect substitution 3010 blower of delta,BFB0305LA,BFB0312LA,BFB0305MA,BFB0312MA,BFB0305HA,BFB0312HA,BFB0305HHA,BFB0312HHA Detailed spec. of Delta Deltaled Spec. of TKFAN …