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  • 182017-10
    EC type motor

    Normal AC fan speed cannt be more than 3000rpm because of AC frequency point.But EC fan speed can be same high, as dc fan.10000rpm is possible;Normal AC fan speed cannt be more than 3000rpm because of AC frequency point.But EC fan speed can be same high, as dc fan.10000rpm is possible …

  • 202017-09
    whether Stainless steel 304 have magnetic personality?

    Stainless steel types: 1.Austenite size: such as 304, 321, 316, 321, etc.;2.Martensite or iron grain size: such as the 430, 420, 410, etc;Austenite size is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite and ferrite are magnetic.Often used as decorative stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate of majority is austenite size of 3…

  • 062017-09
    PQ Curve introduction

    PQ Curve introduction Max P value: Max pressure when airflow is zero; Max Q value: Max airflow when pressure is zero; There are two fans, fan1 and fan2. Max airflow of fan1 is just 150cfm,max pressure is 40mmH2o.Max airflow of fan2 is 200cfm,but pressure is 20mmH20; There are two application project 1 and project 2. About pr…

  • 022017-09
    The main difference between blower and axial fan

    The main difference between blower and axial fan Below pictures show the airflow and pressure difference between axial fan and blower. Although the speed is same 10000rpm/min all.But the airflow and pressure is different. axial fan can make more air flow with low pressure. But blower can make less airflow with high pressure.…

  • 012017-09
    The relationship about mbar/mmH2O/Pa/CFM/L

    The relationship about mbar/mmH2O/Pa/CFM/L 1 mbar = 10.197 mm H2O = 100 Pa 1 Pa = 10-2 mbar = 0.10197 mm H2O 1 hPa = 1 mbar; 1mm H2O = 0.04 inch H2O 1 l/min = 0.0353 CFM; 1 CFM = 28.3 l/min Come back to home page …

  • 232017-08
    Alarm output introduction(RD output)

    RD (Alarm output) connection Diagram Some fan have RD extra function.There is a alarm signal output when fan stop work.Please notice there are Two kinds of signal output. Different customer will need different alarm type.Please check the diagram below. …

  • 232017-08
    tach output introduction(FG signal)

    tach output introduction(FG signal) Fan with FG function will creat a square wave output.You can know fan speed by sensing the output wave frequency.Most dc fan have four pole.So when fan run for one round,there will be two high level pulse. About other Multipole brushless fan,high level pulse will be different. But please …

  • 212017-08

    PWM FUNCTION INTRODUCTION This paper introduces the connection mode of PWM function, control mode, the information signal Connection diagram PWM (DC Voltage control) Introduction With this function,the speed can be controlled by applying an extro DC voltage signal.This voltage inputVin may have any value from 0V to 10V(0V~5…

  • 202017-08
    Operating Principle of BLDC

    Operating Principle of brushless motor 1.Structure and basic working principles of BLDC BLDC is a kind of synchronous motor, which means that its stator generates magnetic field and the magnetic field generated by the rotor is the same frequency, so BLDC will not generate the frequency difference of ordinary induction motor…

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