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  • 122019-10
    12 vot exhaust blower fan 40x40x15mm 4015 5v mini dc blower fan

    40x40x15mm blower,4015 dc blower.
    Voltage:5v 12v
    Mainly used in precision instruments, small machine equipment, computer power supply and so on,
    you can click on the details.

  • 202019-09
    small fans 220 volts 172x150x38mm 110v 17238 ac air cooling fans 230 volt

    The company produces 17238 AC fans with 110V 220V voltage and 115V 230V 240V special voltage. It has the characteristics of large air volume, high power and high efficiency. Product pictures: Click Details …

  • 112019-09
    12v 40mm centrifugal fan blower 40x40x7mm 5v 4007 dc blower fan

    4007 mini blower, Voltage 5V 12v, air volume 5-20cfm, with high speed, low noise, good cooling effect and other advantages, mainly used in precision instruments, laboratory equipment and other cooling, passed CE, Rohs, UL certification, can be used for environmental protection, waterproof, PWM, FG and other functional produ…

  • 162019-08
    EA17251HH02B 110v 220v 172mm coolling fan 17251 fan 172x150x51 ec exhaust fan

    17251 ec fan,172mm ec motor fan,172x150x51mm ec axial fan Size:172x150x51mm Voltage:110v 220v Speed:4200rpm Airflow:306.1cfm The fan has the advantages of high speed, large air volume, long service life, low noise and fast cooling. It is mainly used for ventilation and heat dissipation in kitchens, bathrooms and factories. …

  • 092019-08
    U85HL-024KH-4 80mm radial fan 24v 79x55mm blower fan

    quite 80mm fan,80mm centrifugal fan small high speed blower fan Voltage:24v10% Speed:37200rpm Airflow:30.03cfm Fan has high speed, large air volume and normal noise. It is mainly used in the cooling of ventilators and other machines. Details Click …

  • 052019-08
    110v 220mm 20070 ac cooling fan 200x200x70mm 600cfm exhaust fan

    600cfm exhaust fan,220v cooling fan,110v ac fan,20070 ac cooling fan Size:200x200x70mm Voltage:110v 220v Current:0.62a 0.31a Power:66.7w Speed:280rpm Airflow:611.08cfm Features: High power, moisture-proof and waterproof, high air volume, fast speed, good heat dissipation effect. Applications: Construction Industry, Industria…

  • 262019-07
    EA12038HH01B 110v exhaust fan 120mm axial fan 12038 ec fan

    12038 EC exhaust fan,120mm EC axial fan Model:EA12038HH01B,EA12038HH02B Voltage:110v 220v Speed:4000rpm Airflow:135.75cfm The company has been engaged in fan production for decades, and has rich experience in producing EC motor fans. The factory sells directly and guarantees the quality. Welcome to consult. …