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  • 062019-03
    LED headlamp fan, headlamp cooling fan

    30x30x10mm,25x25x10mmAutomotive headlamp fan.Long life, low power consumption and high temperature resistance. LED high power headlights are used in automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles. It has the characteristics of low power consumption and high light intensity. Owing to the small size and high calorific value of the 0BD …

  • 052019-03
    Iron-leaf fan, all-metal cooling fan

    Manufacturers direct sales of high temperature resistant iron blade cooling fan, AC ball fans. Model:AE12038 Size:120x120x38mm Model:AE17251 Size:172x150x51mm Model:AE17255 Size:172x150x55mm Contact:(0086)0755-23126453 Bruce Liu QQ:3002946690 Large quantity can be customized according to demand …

  • 042019-03
    Duct fan

    TKFAN pressurized duct fan, toilet ventilator, kitchen exhaust fan, strong exhaust fan, large volume exhaust fan Four sizes: 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm. Contact details:Bruce Liu (0086)0755-23126453 …

  • 012019-03
    EC centrifugal fan

    Production of Centrifugal Fans of Various Sizes 133 mm, 175 mm, 190 mm, 220 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 280 mm, 310 mm, 355 mm, 400mm. 133mm 175mm 190mm 220mm 225mm 250mm 280mm 310mm 355mm 400mm Contact details:Bruce Liu (0086)0755-23126453…

  • 282019-02
    14038 circular fan

    140mm dc fan,dc cooling fan 140x140x38

  • 272019-02
    50mm blower wholesale, blower supplier

    The company produces 50mm centrifugal turbine blowers, such as 5015, 5020, 5025 blowers. It has been engaged in the production of blowers for decades. It can customize all kinds of blowers according to the demand. You can click on them.

  • 262019-02
    20060 ac cooling fan

    8 inch exhaust fan,220 volt exhaust fan
    Specific parameters:
    Custom-made according to customer's needs
    Click Details

  • 252019-02
    Circular cooling fan

    The company produces circular frame fans, such as 3010, 3510, 9225, 17225, 17251, 17238, 20060, 25489 and other sizes, and can customize circular fans of different sizes according to customer needs. Details can be contacted with (86) 0755-23126453.     Click

  • 222019-02
    Low noise fan,silent fan

    The company produces various sizes of low noise, silent cooling fans, blowers, 7 years of technical experience in the production of fans, excellent R&D team, reliable, welcome your consultation.
    Contact information: 0755-23126453